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Hand Crafted in Texas

Your choice of raw citrine chunks from Brazil. There is only one of each. Extremely clear excellent lemon yellow color. Facet and cabbing quality. Try them as healing stones. All are priced the same ($11.00 per piece) so hurry as the largest ones will go first. See pics for carat weights. Total carat weight for all pieces is 107.85 ct.
A measures approx 23.7 mm X 11.58 mm.
B measures approx 21 mm X 11 mm.
C measures approx 22 mm X 13.4 mm.
D measures approx 20 mm X 14 mm.
Photographed dry from multiple sides with a spotlight. Refractive index tested at 1.54 as authentic citrine. Citrine (yellow quartz) is considered a November birthstone. Love one but unable to facet? Purchase it and pay an additional fee to have a custom cut gem! Contact us for details.

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