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Hand Crafted in Texas

Feminine and delicate, this handcrafted necklace is a wonderful choice for the bride-to-be, bridesmaid or mother of the bride. Two strands of tiny 3mm genuine, natural potato shape white pearls with a topaz pendant. The topaz is hand faceted by TOPA's Texan gem cutter in the Dutch Rose cut, weighs 2.95 carats and is 9mm round. There are inclusions, which authenticate that it is natural and untreated. The gem is mounted in a sterling silver basket setting. Most blue topaz these days are clear topaz that is irradiated and heated to get the blue color. This one is NOT treated in any way and retains its healing/metaphysical properties. Texas and the Ukraine are the two places known to produce topaz in the natural blue color.The pearl type clasp is also .925 (sterling) silver. The necklace measures 14.25" long, falling high on the neck to accommodate any dress's neckline. Formal and elegant; suitable for a family heirloom for the "something blue". Photos of the gem in its raw state before faceting can be sent if desired.

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