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Hand Crafted in Texas

Beautifully elegant baroque pearl "floating" on a 13.75 inch sterling necklace. Pearl is natural, organic (not synthetic). Back of pearl is flat, indicating that is where it was formed within the mollusk.
The short chain creates a "choker" style look with the pearl resting within the clavical of the petite neck. If a longer necklace is desired, the lobster claw clasp will accent an extender. Chain is .925 silver (sterling). Pearls are the result of a mollusk producing layers of "nacre" over a foreign object which is irritating it; be it a grain of sand, in the case of a natural pearl or a small bead, in the case of a "cultured" pearl. Natural pearls have a thicker nacre or skin when compared to cultured pearls. When held against a concentrated light source, a pearl with a thick nacre will show concentric growth lines, where layer after layer of nacre was added over time to fight off the irritant. For this reason, pearls are a good choice for fending off irritation and calming the mood. They also create a glow on the skin due to the reflective, irridescence of the pearls.
Great gift for her, Mothers day, Valentines day, birthday, wedding, bride or that crabby granny.
Pearls are considered a June birthstone.
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