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Hand Crafted in Texas

Hand cut here in our TX Tolpa studios, this 11 x 8 mm, 2.50 ct Prasiolite pendant is set in sterling silver. The cut is an eight main Pendeloque (pear or tear drop shape). Also known as greened amethyst, the host stone is pictured. It came from Brazil. Prasiolite is a pale green gemstone that appears lighter or darker depending on the light source and the angle from which it is viewed. This is apparent in the pictures shown, going from almost colorless to a deeper green-gray. It has a large bail which will easily slip over a thick chain, beaded necklace or chord. The gem is eye clear and refractive index tested for authenticity. Shipped promptly, secured in a gift box and fully insured. The necklaces shown are available separately in our Tolpa shop. We use PayPal for payment and shipping.

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