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Hand Crafted in Texas

One of a kind TOLPA hand-crafted beauty! Affordable, diamond alternative engagement ring.
Ladies size 6.5 sterling silver tapered band. The silver has an organic textured surface (reticulated) created through a heating process with tapered, highly burnished edges to accent the stone. The sparkly cushion checkerboard cut stone is a 1.85 carat, 8mm genuine aquamarine that has been refractive index tested for authenticity. The reading (1.577) is the same for goshenite as it is for aquamarine. Both are beryls. Aquamarine is the blue-ish form of beryl. Goshenite is the more rare clear, colorless form of beryl. Other beryls include heliodor (yellow) and emerald (green). Beryls are excellent stones for jewelry due to their hardness (Moh's 7.5 - 8).

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