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Hand Crafted in Texas

Rare Chrome Sphene ring; ladies size 7; set in sterling silver.
Pear shaped gemstone weighs just under one carat, pronged setting; Hand crafted in our Texas TolpaDesign studio.
Shipping and payment through PayPal; Shipped promptly, fully insured and gift boxed.
This is a rare and spectacular sphene. Due to its chromium content, the color is a magnificent green with major rainbow sparkle. The color for sphene is rare, and usually sphenes are included, but this one is eye clean and has major light prismatic dispersion. Also known as sphene titanite, this is one of the world's most spectacular gemstones. This gemstone has a very high refractive index, and a dispersion (prismatic effect) that far exceeds diamonds. It is commonly referred to as a "Christmas tree flash". Bright sunlight gives you the 'rainbow' color flashes. This gemstone's rare clarity, color saturation and size (above 1 carat is rare), make it one of the rarest of the sphenes.

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